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[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 087

Keywords: ond; ore; gome; thai; game; graphics; hove; erm; role playing; arcade; scrolling shoot; locked doors; space ace; supreme challenge; karate ace; spitting image; amstrad cpc; fairly good; konami arcade
Downloads: 503
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 126

Keywords: game; games; super; sonic; thai; amiga; gome; ond; super nintendo; nintendo; doctor zone; widest gap; gome boy; game boy; master system; game gear; jump upwards; super famicom; levels menu
Downloads: 1,210
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 108

Keywords: tha; amiga; game; sega; thai; iha; tor; games; code mstrs; atari; tank platoon; space harrier; hit squad; swan graphics; shadow warriors; sega master; sega megadrive; robert swan; lotus esprit
Downloads: 275
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 059

Keywords: ond; game; adventure; graphics; spectrum; computer; commodore; software; rogue trooper; rogue; video games; takes place; trivial pursuit; computer version; strike force; board screen; time limit; amstrad cpc; post haste
Downloads: 534
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 111

Keywords: tha; amiga; iih; erm; sega; iha; game; graphics; hit squad; games; richard leadbetter; squad hit; code mstrs; tha gama; golden axe; stun runner; game gear; iih iin; iin iih
Downloads: 508
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 089

Keywords: ond; ore; gome; graphics; fhe; rhe; hove; game; spectrum version; tor; mail order; face north; ihe game; press fire; tenstar pack; ond sound; randomize usr; sega games; dungeon master
Downloads: 296
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 102

Keywords: amiga; game; games; graphics; atari; sega; arcade; iih; paul rand; code mstrs; buggy boy; amiga version; hit squad; player manager; space harrier; castle master; zealand story; rand graphics
Downloads: 248
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 080

Keywords: ond; atari; ore; thai; game; iha; tha; spectrum; unlimited lives; yoy; cassette disc; buggy boy; arcade game; horror film; video games; con help; spectrum version; version tested; black tiger
Downloads: 392
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 074

Keywords: spectrum; game; software; atari; arcade; computer; commodore; games; role playing; thai; spectrum commodore; captain america; electronic arts; buggy boy; grand prix; star trek; computer hits; ihe game; mail order
Downloads: 530
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 027

Keywords: ond; games; spectrum; game; bbc; computer; adventure; software; video games; ore; disk drive; arcade action; keith campbell; style game; machine code; mail order; bbc model; donkey kong; theme graphics
Downloads: 655
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 103

Keywords: tha; game; amiga; tor; mstrs; software; sega; graphics; hit squad; code mstrs; zealand story; space harrier; paul rand; rainbow islands; wonder boy; gordon houghton; rand graphics; teenage mutant
Downloads: 443
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 101

Keywords: amiga; games; game; itn; tor; graphics; arcade; sega; space harrier; code mstrs; play ability; julian rignall; paul rand; golden axe; hit squad; sega megadrive; space rogue; turbo outrun
Downloads: 404
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 032

Keywords: games; game; spectrum; commodore; atari; computer; arcade; software; video games; bbc; bbc model; manic miner; machine code; mail order; arcade game; credit card; spectrum price; disk drive; july issue
Downloads: 801
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 031

Keywords: games; game; software; atari; poke; computer; commodore; spectrum; video games; print; randomize usr; mail order; machine code; spectrum price; software houses; set willy; gold collection; jet set; sound effects
Downloads: 264
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 093b

Keywords: iih; ith; game; software; atari; ttie; amiga; che; operation wolf; sega; leisure suit; gordon houghton; space harrier; zealand story; iih iih; suit larry; ame tips; best selling; twin heli
Downloads: 201
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 120

Keywords: lor; game; tor; erm; mario; sega; cvg; amiga; game gear; super; super famicom; silent service; super mario; master system; paul rand; super tennis; sega master; tim boone; mario bros
Downloads: 434
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 095

Keywords: amiga; graphics; software; spectrum; arcade; tor; atari; game; hit squad; space harrier; ame tips; test drive; operation wolf; top speed; zealand story; paul glancey; gordon houghton; power drift
Downloads: 446
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 078

Keywords: ond; ore; game; yoy; vou; hove; thai; atari; ihe game; gome; captain power; sega master; mad leader; master system; ferrari formula; major bill; ond con
Downloads: 247
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 084

Keywords: game; thai; atari; amiga; graphics; tor; commodore; spectrum; role playing; ore; olympic challenge; kenneth brady; rocket ranger; street fighter; mail order; special reserve; fire button; credit card; ihe screen
Downloads: 317
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 057

Keywords: game; commodore; software; games; graphics; computer; spectrum; adventure; video games; ike; graphics sound; global supremacy; ihe game; melbourne house; post haste; green beret; ideas central; keith campbell; bomb jack
Downloads: 261
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 113

Keywords: game; thai; sega; iha; super; games; lor; amiga; hit squad; graphics; ihe game; video games; hero turtles; mutant hero; double dragon; robert swan; richard leadbetter; super famicom; teenage mutant
Downloads: 254
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 062

Keywords: ond; erm; game; commodore; thai; lor; spectrum; atari; karate listing; adventure; screen shots; screen display; ihe game; bonus points; video games; spectrum version; computer version; sacred armour; scf een
Downloads: 786
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 079

Keywords: ond; ore; tha; game; vou; thai; gome; atari; amstrad cpc; commodore; full colour; commodore amiga; standard games; samurai warrior; sound effects; real gold; straight forward; leather armour; armour class
Downloads: 461
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 119

Keywords: tor; lor; game; amiga; cvg; graphics; thai; games; paul rand; arcade; super monaco; super mario; aak tor; ihe game; game gear; tim boone; neo geo; super famicom; lor ihe
Downloads: 421
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 104

Keywords: iih; amiga; game; games; lor; thai; graphics; tha; code mstrs; mstrs; theme park; sega megadrive; iih iih; mutant hero; paul rand; ttt ttt; teenage mutant; hit squad; rock star
Downloads: 293
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 041

Keywords: game; adventure; software; atari; commodore; graphics; spectrum; games; scott adams; lor; adventure games; video games; keith campbell; fire button; ihe game; computer games; simon marsh; adventure inl; melbourne house
Downloads: 590
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 046

Keywords: software; games; spectrum; atari; graphics; computer; commodore; game; jump jet; print; street tel; jet set; spectrum software; dear sir; games including; video games; impossible mission; play ability; danger mouse
Downloads: 217
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 048

Keywords: ond; poke; tha; lor; iha; atari; commodore; thai; summer games; spectrum; good software; doctor creep; wiih ihe; imagine software; red moon; hire club; local computer; post free; computer centre
Downloads: 321
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 094

Keywords: amiga; game; graphics; software; iih; ihiih; atari; arcade; games; spectrum; stunt car; space quest; operation wolf; lie lie; mail order; wonder boy; extra weapons; enter door; space harrier; graphics sound
Downloads: 258
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 106

Keywords: game; tha; amiga; graphics; thai; tor; iih; sega; code mstrs; super; operation wolf; video games; robert swan; swan graphics; hit squad; power drift; space harrier; super monaco; sega master
Downloads: 290
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 091

Keywords: ond; ore; iih; gome; fhe; lih; amiga; hove; iih iih; graphics; tenstar pack; rock star; running man; typhoon thompson; role playing; typhoon con; lih iih; mail order; paul glancey
Downloads: 238
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 064

Keywords: game; ond; vou; thai; spectrum; tor; atari; yoy; randomize usr; screen; pretty good; marble madness; pin ball; transfer game; ihe game; software house; usr val; video games; ihe enemy
Downloads: 454
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 118

Keywords: game; amiga; super; thai; tor; lor; ttie; games; hit squad; cvg; stage boss; ihe game; code masters; super famicom; paul rand; master system; paul glancey; game gear; ice hockey
Downloads: 369
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 112

Keywords: game; sega; super; amiga; nintendo; atari; graphics; games; super famicom; lor; golden axe; super monaco; hit squad; super mario; code masters; hero turtles; mutant hero; teenage mutant; image works
Downloads: 301
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 109

Keywords: amiga; game; games; sega; ths; tor; graphics; iha; code mstrs; eview; altered beast; turtles cards; hit squad; super monaco; shadow warriors; game gear; leadbetter graphics; sega megadrive; teenage mutant
Downloads: 523
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 019

Keywords: games; atari; spectrum; computer; video; lor; game; software; video games; print; seventh empire; low price; machine code; addressing modes; memory location; spectrum low; atari vcs; print print; data data
Downloads: 207
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 122

Keywords: tor; lor; game; itt; atari; tht; amiga; iha; master system; cvg; graphics sounds; double dragon; paul rand; itt itt; game gear; sounds playability; super famicom; silica systems; tim boone
Downloads: 350
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 066

Keywords: ond; commodore; game; lor; cbm; atari; thai; software; ihe game; ihc; urder party; swap software; amstrad cpc; sell duplicated; software theft; loch ness; microsell microsells; suspect advertisements; star raiders
Downloads: 1,329
[texts]CVG Magazine 1985 Yearbook

Keywords: print; games; game; computer; adventure; joystick; ond; dirk; computer games; video games; return rem; full time; top ten; sword button; space invaders; selling game; call char; golden joystick
Downloads: 1,058
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 054

Keywords: ond; tha; spectrum; atari; thai; vou; software; tba; laser basic; graphics; randomize usr; print peek; winter games; underground complex; red zoid; roller coaster; mutant red; post haste; preditor preditor
Downloads: 484
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 037

Keywords: msx; game; software; commodore; spectrum; hchar; computer; games; call hchar; adventure; storm warrior; jet set; video games; computer game; printer port; call char; joystick ports; msx basic; computer games
Downloads: 347
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 016

Keywords: print; goto; games; poke; bbc; software; atari; url; video games; endproc; seventh empire; atari vcs; ram pack; low price; endproc def; bbc micro; machine code; goto url; high byte
Downloads: 396
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 043

Keywords: game; software; graphics; print; computer; adventure; games; atari; ihe game; spectrum; play ability; computer software; english software; enter screen; british telecom; brian jacks; graphics sound; video games; atari software
Downloads: 194
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 058

Keywords: draw; ond; software; game; spectrum; thai; games; commodore; send sae; atari; disk drive; video games; amstrad cpc; ideas central; split personalities; fast load; ihe game; tolly ron; top titles
Downloads: 826
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 125

Keywords: games; game; amiga; swap; nes; cvg; sega; super; super nes; tor; games mag; sounds playability; level level; paul rand; game gear; graphics sounds; sega mastersystem; super famicom; soccer brawl
Downloads: 907
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 006

Keywords: computer; games; ram; program; goto; video; game; sinclair; ram pack; video games; missile command; memory capacity; acorn atom; arcade game; return rem; random number; colour computer; video genie
Downloads: 289
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 116

Keywords: game; games; sega; tor; cvg; super; lor; amiga; super famicom; thai; master system; games games; code masters; paul glancey; hit squad; mickey mouse; sega sega; game gear; forgotten worlds
Downloads: 284
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 036

Keywords: spectrum; software; commodore; games; lor; atari; computer; game; spectrum price; arcade; good software; disk drive; video games; spectrum dealer; golden joystick; software projects; spectrum software; thompson twins; adventure game
Downloads: 310
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 040

Keywords: game; erm; commodore; atari; graphics; screen; games; software; video games; spectrum; full instructions; axe dragon; great underground; ihe game; bug hunter; good software; ihe screen; psi warrior; screen display
Downloads: 483
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 033

Keywords: ihe; game; spectrum; software; games; atari; graphics; print; poke; lor; call call; started graphics; sound effects; print ink; video games; spectrum price; high score; arcade game; machine code; games news
Downloads: 986
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